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As the weather gets warmer you may notice an increase in ants, especially in areas where food is prepared or stored. Ants can be a particular nuisance when they get into your home or business and will forage long distances. The problem with ants is that they are a social insect so where there are a few, there are likely to be thousands more not too far off. In New Zealand there are four main types of ants that you will likely encounter in your home or workspace: the black house ant, the white footed house ant, the coastal brown ant, and the argentine ant.


Getting Rid of Ants

Although ants in New Zealand generally aren’t dangerous, they can be a nuisance, and a very persistent one at that. Ants will travel a long way from their nest or colony in order to find food, and once they find a food source, they will produce a scent trail from their nest so that others can easily find it too. Bug sprays may work as a temporary fix, but with ants it’s best to destroy the colony to prevent more of them from coming back.


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With over 50 years of experience, our trained and experienced technicians will expertly treat the most persistent of ant problems with professionalism and safety. At PCS, we provide every customer with an individual environmentally sensitive solution, so whether you are looking for ant control in either a residential or commercial space, we can help.


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