Pest Control for Mice



Mice are a common pest problem for New Zealand homeowners and businesses, especially during the colder seasons when they are seeking shelter and food. These tiny little creatures can cause big problems if not dealt with quickly and effectively, so it is a good idea to call in a mouse exterminator. At PCS we can help with pest control for mice in both residential and commercial settings.


The Problem with Mice

Mice were introduced to NZ when the first settlers arrived from Europe. The common house mouse can gain access into buildings by squeezing through holes no bigger than 6mm or squeezing through a crack with the width of a pencil. Mice are elusive and shy, so while you may not see any in your house, there are a few signs to look for that may give them away. Mice can produce 50-80 droppings a night that are small and dark (approx. 3 – 8 mm in length). Look for droppings particularly along walls, in cupboards, or under sinks. People with a mouse infestation often report hearing unusual scratching noises at night when mice are most active. Listen for noises around your kitchen, laundry and airing cupboard as mice typically nest and breed within these areas. Mice urinate frequently and their wee has a strong ammonia-like smell. The smell may be very strong near the main site of activity or in enclosed spaces. This smell can linger for a long time (even after an infestation has been removed).


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