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Wasps can be a horrible nuisance and even dangerous in certain situations due to their nasty sting. New Zealand has some of the highest densities of German and common wasps in the world because they have no natural predators here and there is plenty of food for them. In the summer months, you are likely to see a lot more of them out and about. If these unwelcome guests are getting in the way of your summer barbeques and other activities, PCS Pest Control can help.

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Wasps in New Zealand

There are four species of wasps that were introduced to New Zealand which are classed as pests: common wasps, German wasps, and the Asian and Australian paper wasps. Of the four, the biggest nuisances are the social wasps, the German and common wasps.

Social wasps live in colonies using nests of honeycomb-like cells. They form complex social groups and all members of a colony help raise the young. These colonies can become huge if they manage to survive over winter.


How Can Wasps Be Controlled?

As the entire biology of social wasps is dependent on the nest, direct poisoning of wasp nests is the most effective control method. When a nest is found a poison can be used to destroy it.

All you need to do is locate the nest, and PCS Pest Control will come and take care of it. Wasp nests are usually found by watching for ‘lines of flight’ of worker wasps returning to their nest or walking along tracks or transects searching for nests. Once you have found the nest, in come the experts from PCS to safely deal with it.


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