Commercial Pest Management

Commerial Pest Management

All aspects of commercial pest management in all types of commercial premises. At PCS we provide every customer with an individually environmentally sensitive solution, as well as all the information needed for informed decision making. PCS has a large list of well-known commercial clients across a wide range of industries.

This includes:

  • Amano
  • Prego
  • Cibo
  • Ebisu
  • Soul Bar
  • Azabu
  • SPQR
  • Ostro
  • Cafe Hanoi
  • NZ Fire & Safety
  • Barfoot & Thompson
  • Samson Corporation

..and many more.


What We Offer

  • Food Control Plans (FCP)
  • Pest Monitoring and reporting
  • Customer care program
  • Specifically designed programs for any exterior audits



Client Testimonials

“We use PCS for pest control in a large waterfront restaurant. As a high volume food business near water and boats it is important that we have an excellent pest control in place. PCS took over our pest control from a larger company at the beginning of the year and the standard of the service PCS provides is noticeably higher. We no longer have to constantly call a service provider to come in and fix a problem they are supposed to be preventing. I would highly recommend PCS to any business. Thank you PCS.”
J Diment

Oyster & Chop

“We started using PCS about 2 years ago at Five Loaves Eatery. After using a well known global pest control company for a decade and always being unhappy and confused as to why we still had a battle to keep on top of the problem but getting no answers, we were at our wits end! We engaged PCS to take over in November 16 and in all honesty I can say hand on heart I haven’t seen one of our unwanted friends since December 16. It is actually almost unbelievable that Jeremy has resolved what had been a ongoing problem within a month.We can not recommend PCS Pest Control highly enough.”
Michael Riordan

Five Loaves Eatery

“Good people and great to deal with. These guys have been looking after my home and business for years. Couldn’t recommend them enough!”
Simon Pound

Ingrid Starnes

“I have used Jeremy from PCS Pest Control for a number of years now. Not only have I found Jeremy reliable but particularly knowledgeable in dealing with our needs.”
Blair Russell

Ponsonby Road Bistro

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