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A rat infestation is the last thing anyone wants. These nasty pests can cause a lot of damage to buildings, plumbing, gas pipes, and electrical wiring with their incessant chewing. On top of that, they are also carriers of diseases that can be transmitted to humans. At PCS, we understand the importance of getting a problem under control quickly, especially in a commercial setting. We are extremely exacting about our standards and employ up-to-the-minute techniques for 100% effectiveness when it comes to rat pest control, regardless of the scale of the job.


The Problem with Rats

It is important to employ a rat extermination service as soon as you are aware of the problem. Rats often carry diseases, which they spread to humans via their droppings or urine. Leptospirosis and salmonellosis are two of the most common ones. Ticks, fleas, and lice also love to ride around in the hair of rats, often jumping off and colonising various parts of your house as soon as they get the chance. Rats will find stored food, consume it, and contaminate it, creating unsanitary and unsafe environments for humans. Rats can multiply quickly and are able to have 3 to 6 litters a year containing 7 to 8 young.


Tell-tale Signs of Rats

The biggest clue that suggests you may have rats in your home or workplace is a scratching or gnawing noise coming from the roof and wall cavities. This usually happens between 3:00 – 6:00 in the morning when the rats are most active. Rat droppings or urine are also a common sign you need to call an exterminator. Rat droppings are dark, long, and skinny, and approximately 15mm long. Rodent urine has a strong ammonia-like smell. Rats shred paper and fabrics to build their nests. Nests can be found in places such as under floorboards, in ceiling spaces, in hot water cupboards, behind appliances, and in your garage.


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